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1 Thessalonians Key Verse

After reading this letter several times, the verse that speaks to me most strongly is 5:17.
What does it mean to “pray continually?” I’m not exactly sure, but I want a life that reflects this habit.
I find that I can start the day off praying consistently. I’m a morning person. But as the day wears on, I lose focus and get caught up in how best to respond to challenges.
Roberts Wesleyan College’s seal includes the Latin phrase “Ora et Labora,” prayer and work. This seems to be a wise approach. I get this order backwards all the time. I try to fix a problem and then pray to the Lord as my backup plan.
Lord, I pray that you’ll teach me to go to you in prayer as my first response to a challenge. Then and only then should I participate in the process of creation.
I’m in awe, Lord, that you allow humans to create. You created the universe. Now that we’ve been created in your image, we get to participate in creation, too! That’s so cool!

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