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1 Thessalonians 2:1-14

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In this passage, Paul describes a godly example of teaching and leadership.

As I increase my level of leadership and teaching within my church, it is vital that I follow Paul’s pattern:

1. Don’t waste your students’ time
2. Keep on going, even under persectution
3. No hidden motives (i.e.–be explicit in your goals and outcomes, even when they appear selfish. Asking for sacrifice in the Kingdom of Heaven is not only reasonable, it’s necessary.)
4. Seek God’s favor in serving others
5. Don’t speak to please people, but to please God
6. No flattery
7. No covering up greed
8. Have pure motives
9. Don’t seek praise
10. Don’t rely upon position and authority, even when it’s available to you. This appears to apply specifically to teaching roles, not other forms of leadership.
11. Treat students with family-style love and gentle care
12. Work hard to avoid burdening your students
13. Be pure
14. Be honest
15. Be innocent
16. Do for students what a parent does for his children
17. Beg your followers
18. Encourage your followers
19. Urge your followers to live in a right way
20. Remember that God chose us, not the other way around
21. Thank God for any teaching success, not yourself
22. Remember that the message comes from God, not humans
23. When students accept the message, God will approve them.
23a. Look to God for your A+, not your teacher!
24. Whole organizations can follow God
25. When this happens, they will be persecuted
26. Faithfulness always costs a temporary price…
27. …but the reward is eternal!

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