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My 15 Minutes Seconds of Fame

During last week’s Guardian science podcast, the studio hosts railed against Michael Heller, essentially calling him a liar, for no greater crime than stating that Richard Dawkins had conceded in a public debate that they, philosophically speaking, spell the word Rationality (rationality) differently!

The introduction to this interview begins at 20:04 into the podcast. The interview with Michael Heller goes from 20:53-25:50, and in-studio reaction continues from 25:51-31:36.

Pay particular attention to the immediate reaction (about 25:51) of the studio hosts after the interview proper and draw your own conclusions about their level of objectivity.

I posted to their Facebook wall and blog, and was flattered and impressed by their willingness to broadcast my concerns on this week’s podcast, 34:39-35:23, although they didn’t agree with my assessment.

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Relative Worth

Paul writes in verse 8 that everything else in his life is less than worthless, in comparison with Jesus.

What would it look like if I really lived out this truth? How would it look in your life, dear Reader?

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Crazy Math

In verse 7, Paul explains elegantly that having a relationship with Jesus turns numerical descriptions of what we value backwards and upside down.

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