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Follow My Example As I Follow the Example of Christ

It seems so brash that Paul says, in the Bible, to follow his example in verse 17.

But as we read his story, we learn that he really is a great example. The focal point was his conversion on the road to Damascus (cf. Acts 9:1-31).

After that time, he lived a passionate life in the name of Christ.

What will it take to create that kind of passion in me? I’m worried that if I pray for it, God will give it to me. But what will that mean to my comfortable routines?

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Eyes on the Prize

Paul describes the struggle of living the Christian life eloquently.

It’s impossible to achieve perfection, but there is an ideal model to chase.

Paul acknowledges in verses 12-14 that we’ll not reach the goal this side of heaven. But there is great value in the process and the attempt.

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