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Living Out Witness

June 18, 2008 Leave a comment

I work as a teacher, and our union is in the midst of a nasty debate over a proposed contract.

After some emails, a web site wiki, and direct mail were sent out with the purpose of generating a “No” vote, I replied with a different perspective.

This has generated some sincere disagreement and a couple of very negative attacks against my character.

Doing the right thing feels great!

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Mark 1

June 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Mark 1 has several excellent examples of biblical witnessing.

John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus. His main focus was upon repentance.

Jesus came and recruited “fishers of men.” Any influence and leadership, any witnessing, requires a two-tiered strategy of personal connections and exponential growth.

The most powerful witness is living out the mission God has given each one of us in his family.

Mine does not involve miraculous healings. My role is to shine truth on difficult situations, even when it costs me a personal price.

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