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Jesus Came for the Sick

July 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Verses 16-17 are a classic statement of Jesus’ perspective on how Christians should interact with other people.

  1. It is easy to question another person’s freedom.
  2. This is especially easy for religious, devout people to do.
  3. I do this myself.
  4. I relate easily to the Pharisees’ perspective.
  5. Am I jealous of non-Christians’ freedoms to do as they wish?
  6. It is reasonable to acknowledge that Christians do have significant restrictions on what they may and may not do.
  7. It is extremely important to remember 1 Corinthians 5:12-13.
  8. Limit judgment calls to people within the church.
  9. This will limit negative coverage about Christians by non-Christians in the secular press.
  10. More importantly, it will help devout believers within the church to focus upon matters that must be debated within the church.
  11. Is it possible to transfer Jesus’ acceptance of “sinners” to the contemporary, evangelical church?
  12. Are there certain “unforgivable” sins, even among non-Christians?  Although this is a difficult perspective to support theologically, given Jesus’ words here in Mark, in a practical sense this is how many contemporary Christians translate their beliefs into practice.
  13. Which Christians spend time with today’s “sinners” and are criticized for it?
  14. Tony Campolo would count himself among this number.
  15. What can I do to honor Jesus in my many relationships?
  16. Look at other people as created in the image of God and act accordingly.
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