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Review of Colossians

Jesus lived the perfect life, died the perfect death, and rose again.

This changes everything.

Keep living the good life, not through your own strength, but through Jesus’ example.


Personal Touch

In verses 10-18, Paul names 7 other people.

Despite Paul’s hard words, he loves people.

Do I? Do you, dear Reader?

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Tychicus & Onesimus

In verses 7-9, we learn that Tychicus is Paul’s messenger. Onesimus, the former slave that Paul defends in the letter to Philemon, is also on this mission.

Paul surrounds himself with people of high quality and character.

Never send a person with poor character to complete an important task.

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Mouth Needed

In verses 2-6, Paul reminds us that we ought to pray consistently, for ourselves and for others.

It is also important that we be prepared to speak wisely, particularly to people who are not Christians.

I pray that what I say will be more filled with grace as I grow in my faith.

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Master in Heaven

In verse 1, we’re reminded that we are not really in charge.

How would I treat my subordinates differently if I remembered this fact more consistently?

Outline of Colossians 4

  1. Masters, be kind
  2. Live righteously
    1. Pray for Paul’s teaching ministry
    2. Act wisely toward outsiders (i.e.–non-Christians)
    3. Speak wisely
  3. Personal greetings
    1. Tychicus
    2. Onesimus
    3. Aristarchus
    4. Barnabas’s cousin Mark
    5. Jesus who is called Justus
    6. Epaphras
    7. Luke
    8. Demas
    9. The followers at Laodicea
    10. Nympha’s house church
    11. Archippus
    12. Paul’s own handwriting

Family & Work

In verses 18-25, we read about smooth-functioning families and hard-working employees.

But what about the family that has an ogre for a dad? What about the sweatshop employee? Where does “turn the other cheek” transition into “created in the image of God?”

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