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Verses 1-3

January 20, 2009 Leave a comment

  1. “If” means this passage applies specifically to Christians
  2. Seek things above
  3. This implies that things “below” are of lesser importance and significance
  4. Think about Christ
  5. Reflect upon where Christ is right now
  6. What is “the right hand of God?” It sounds important and honoring, but I don’t have a handle on what this phrase means
  7. As a Christian, I have “died”
  8. If God is good, then only the bad part of me has died, not the part created in his image
  9. Since I’m human, the bad part of me can’t be completely eradicated.
  10. This would be like harvesting the wheat with the weeds: both the good and the bad would be pulled up
  11. My life is “hidden with Christ”
  12. Does this mean that my sins are not visible to God?
  13. Does this imply a level of relational intimacy with the Lord?
  14. I can rely upon Jesus to help me through tough times, not my own strength

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