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Outline of John 8
1. Woman caught in adultery
2. Jesus speaks to the crowd, the Pharisees, and Jews who believed
* Key question: Why did Jesus confront his Jewish supporters?

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John 7:45-52
The Pharisees were irate that Jesus escaped their vengeance. They focused on picky details and blamed Jesus' popularity on a curse.
How often do we deny the truth by citing marginal evidence and calling our detractors idiots?

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On a Soapbox

Jesus used “sidewalk preaching” to announce his divinity publicly in verses 37-38.

We read that the crowd was divided.

There is no such thing as consensus in the public domain. Consensus is only achieved under formal protocols.

The most important things in life generate vigorous debate. But there are right and wrong positions, better and lesser perspectives.

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Your Time

Jesus continues his confrontation with the crowds and religious leaders.

In verse 30, we read that “they tried to seize him, but no one laid a hand on him, because his time had not yet come” (NIV).

This is an important point.

Do the right thing. As long as it’s not your “time,” you’ll continue having the opportunity to do the right thing.

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You’re Nuts!

In verses 19-20, the crowd accuses Jesus of making up the threat against his life.

How often is the crowd oblivious to reality?

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Who Sent You?

Jesus reminds us, in verses 16-18, that no one’s teaching is entirely original.

Everyone, including Jesus himself, teaches lessons based upon someone else’s expectations.

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Verse 15
Jesus confuses the leaders with his great learning. They equated knowledge with teaching. Jesus illustrates that God can be our teacher.

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