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Jesus' Feet Anointed

Judas complained when Mary used up thousands of dollars worth of perfume on Jesus' feet.

My initial reaction is the same. Why the waste?

But John goes on to explain that Judas' motives were selfish.

When do I cover up my selfishness with reasonable questions? When do you, dear Reader?

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Outline of John 12

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Mary anoints Jesus’ feet
Palm Sunday
Isaiah’s prophesies fulfilled

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Keep 'em wondering

In verses 55-57, the religious leaders and crowds all wonder if and when Jesus will appear publicly.

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Verses 53-54

Jesus didn't always confront his enemies directly.

Sometimes we face issues directly and sometimes we withdraw temporarily, until the time is right.

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Verses 49-52
Caiaphas is unwittingly used to prophesy about Jesus' death.
Will I obey God willingly or will I be used despite my will?

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Verses 45-48
Because Jesus was able to perform great miracles, the Sanhedrin feared that he would make them obsolete. Again, Jesus' opponents are right.

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You Stink! Verses 38-44
If Jesus can raise Lazarus from the dead four days later, then he certainly can help us smell sweeter!

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