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Between the Lord’s Supper and Arrest

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment
  1. Right after singing a song, the disciples left the room where they celebrated Passover
  2. Jesus quotes scripture
  3. He anticipates his betrayal and abandonment
  4. Peter argues with Jesus
  5. Jesus attempts to correct Peter
  6. Peter still argues
  7. How often do we argue with God?
  8. All the other disciples agreed with Peter. I’ve never noticed this detail before.
  9. Jesus went to a private garden to prepare in prayer
  10. Where and when do I pray? What are my habits?
  11. Jesus admits to James and John and Peter that he’s depressed
  12. He asks his friends to stay near him
  13. Even Jesus desired companionship when his life was nearing its end
  14. Jesus was not a loner, even though he appears introverted on occasion
  15. Jesus catches his friends sleeping
  16. Jesus tells them to pray to “stay out of temptation”
  17. When’s the last time I prayed to “stay out of temptation?”
  18. Jesus acknowledges his willingness to do anything God expects
  19. What am I unwilling to do?
  20. Jesus’ friends fall asleep a second and third time
  21. Jesus announces the arrivalof his betrayer to his followers
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