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Verses 12-20

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  1. Paul asks the Galatians to become like him
  2. Paul reminds the Galatians that he became like them
  3. Paul reassures the Galatians that they haven’t done any wrong to him
  4. An illness first placed Paul in Galatia
  5. Paul preached the gospel
  6. The illness was a burden to the church
  7. The church didn’t treat Paul like he was a burden
  8. The Galatians welcomed Paul warmly
  9. Paul felt the Galatians treated him as well as they’d have treated an angel or Jesus himself
  10. Paul asks where their joy has gone
  11. Paul reminds the Galatian church that they’d have given him their eyes
  12. This may mean that Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was related to poor eyesight
  13. Paul asks if telling the painful truth makes him the Galatians’ enemy
  14. Implied answer: of course not
  15. Good friends tell the truth, even when it hurts
  16. “Those people” must be false teachers
  17. The false teachers have tricked the Galatian church into following them
  18. Otherwise, Paul wouldn’t be writing this letter
  19. The false teachers want zeal directed toward themselves, not God
  20. True teachers focus on the object of their teaching, not themselves
  21. Paul compares his painful concern for the Galatian church to giving birth
  22. Paul wants to meet with them in person
  23. Paul wants the church to correct their errors
  24. This way, Paul can have a pleasant face-to-face visit in Galatia, not a difficult one
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