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The “word of God” as the Law

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Jesus uses the phrase “word of God” to refer to the Old Testament law in Matthew 15:6 and Mark 7:13.

He argues with the Pharisees and teachers of the law that it is hypocritical to allow adult children to devote property to God to avoid using the funds to care for ailing, elderly parents.

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Prayer in the Psalms

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In today’s verses, I am reminded that prayer is available for us at all times of day and night, when we cry out in distress.

If I believe in the “unseen,” then I will take advantage of this kind of prayer in difficult times.

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Prayer: Thank You!

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Thanks to Darrell, Rebecca, and Sue for the feedback on my prayer reflections.  I appreciate you very much!

And here’s Paul G.’s latest FB status update, also on topic: “Never ceases to amaze me: / One person asks for prayer and often people’s response is to give advice and share their “wisdom”.  / Hey, let’s try…shut up and pray! / I say this in love, of course. 😉 Rom 12:15″

Even the latest newsletter from CCEL has an article related to prayer:

I’m grateful to be surrounded by such encouragement and wisdom!

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