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Sabbath Obedience

February 25, 2011 1 comment

In Luke 23:56, we read that Jesus’ followers rested on the Sabbath, even though they were prepared to put spices and perfumes on his crucified body.

I’ve been taught on several occasions that of the ten commandments, the only one which no longer applies is the command to rest on the Sabbath.

But our economy seems to be built upon building and selling more and more in less and less time.

Even teaching is now labeled a way to “win the future,” whatever that means!

I feel the external pressure to be always creating, always working, always improving.

I sense that, at least for me, developing the discipline of observing a weekly sabbath to honor God would be a positive step.

But I wonder what this will look like.

When I googled “sabbath” the most common discussion seemed to be arguments about what day of the week should be considered the Sabbath.  I don’t really care and don’t think it matters much.

What was helpful was the concept that Jews reckon a day from sundown to sundown.  I will define my sabbath rest from sundown on Saturday through sundown on Sunday.

My goal will be to finish all of my schoolwork during the day on Saturday.  Saturday evening through Sunday evening will be my rest from work (except for Sunday morning volunteering at church).  If I do procrastinate or have too much work to complete, then I’ll still have Sunday night for last-minute work.

I’ll experiment with this until spring break.  I don’t want a spiritual discipline to do nothing but make me feel guilty.  But I think that this may become an energizing pattern, not a negative one.  We’ll see…

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