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Tithing: Test Me in This by Douglas LeBlanc

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This book is the fifth in the Ancient Practices Series.

It addresses one of the most controversial practices, too.

The concept of giving God at least 10% of our income is a significant challenge.

The author avoids theory in favor of story.  LeBlanc interviews twelve couples and individuals to learn more about what they have experienced as they live a life shaped by generous giving.

The first half of the book was quite inspiring.  But some of the later interviews were more difficult to connect with.  I’d suggest picking and choosing your favorite stories and skipping the rest.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in return for an unbiased review.

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Jesus’ Exit

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In vv. 1-9, we pick up in Acts where Luke left off in his gospel account.

Jesus appeared many times to many different people before returning to the Father.

He reminded his followers that the Holy Spirit was coming “in a few days,” but warned them that God’s kingdom would not immediately be restored to earth.

Outline of Acts 1

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  1. Jesus’ final days on earth
    1. Wait in Jesusalem
    2. You’ll get the Holy Spirit
    3. Not time to restore Israel’s kingdom yet
    4. Great Commission: Recap
    5. Return to heaven
  2. Peter takes charge
    1. The 11 Apostles, women and Jesus’ biological family meet in prayer
    2. Peter explains Judas Iscariot’s actions through the Old Testament
    3. Peter explains that Judas’ position should be filled by another qualified person
    4. They nominate two people and cast lots to select Matthias
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