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Don’t Ask a Question Unless You REALLY Want to Hear the Answer

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cf. Acts 7:1ff

Outline of Acts 7

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  1. Stephen puts the Sanhedrin in their place via a history lesson
  2. Stephen is stoned to deat

Angel Face

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When you’re looking to mess with a guy, back off if his face looks like an angel’s.


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In verses 11-14, we read that some of Stephen’s enemies used liars to discredit him.

It is interesting that this technique is as popular today as it was 2000 years ago.

Max on Life: Answers and Inspiration for Today’s Questions by Max Lucado

April 27, 2011 1 comment

If you enjoy Max Lucado’s style, then you will really enjoy this extended question-and-answer session with one of the most popular Christian authors of our time.

He tackles problems and questions in the following seven “H” categories: hope, hurt, help, him/her, home, haves/have-nots, and the hereafter.

If you are already convinced that Christianity and the Bible are an important resource to face life’s troubles, then this is a great resource.

If you are not convinced, then this book may not be right for you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it.

Disclaimer: the publisher gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

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In verses 8-10, we read that Stephen’s opponents were unable to argue against him successfully.

Commentary on the Appointment of the Deacons

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This link provides one interpretation of verses 1-7.

I didn’t notice, until reading the commentary, that a focus of the controversy is not that the early Church is unable or unwilling to provide for the needy.  Rather, it’s that non-Jewish believers are systematically overlooked in the distribution of food.

Even at the beginning of the church, there was a tendency toward excluding certain people from its benefits.

This wasn’t right 2000 years ago, and it’s not right today.

Outline of Acts 6

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  1. The first deacons are appointed
  2. Stephen is opposed

Gamaliel’s Wisdom

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In the last verses of Acts 5, we read the advice of a religious leader who takes God’s authority seriously.

Don’t always insist upon making things right.  Leave judgments and follow-through up to God.

On Easter Sunday, God took care of us.

Obey God, Not People

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See verses 27-33 for a brief and comprehensive guide to angering both secular and religious leaders.

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