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James’ Summary

In verses 13-21, James summarizes the case for simplifying the requirements for Gentiles to join the church.


Barnabas & Paul’s Review

In Acts 15:12, the believers listen to Barnabas and Paul describe their experiences with the Gentiles.

This is more evidence to encourage the council to take a simple stand on how to become a non-Jewish Christian.

Peter’s Vision Review

In verses 7-11, Peter again tells about his vision of the sheet with the unclean animals.

This is more evidence that the early believers should make it easier for Gentiles to join the church.


In verses 1-6, we read about the struggle the early church went through as they figured out how to include Gentiles.

Wisely, they discuss the opposing points-of-view in a formal council at Jerusalem.

Outline of Acts 15

  1. Jerusalem Council: Gentiles don’t need to keep the whole Law
  2. This ruling is communicated to the wider church
  3. Paul and Barnabas argue about John Mark

Appointing Leaders

In verses 23-28, Luke describes the process that Paul and Barnabas go through when visiting various churches.

They wisely appoint elders in the churches they visit.

At the end, they report their progress to their home church in Antioch.  I wonder if they had a potluck dinner and a slideshow.

I Get Knocked Down

In verses 20-22, Paul and Barnabas “get knocked down, but they get up again; nothing gonna keep” them down!

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