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Words of Warning

In verses 23-28, Paul warns the unbelieving Jews in Rome that he’s been sent to the Gentiles, too.

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Paul Speaks to the Jews in Rome

In verses 17-22, Paul sets up a meeting with the local religious leaders.

He shares enough background that they ask to hear him speak about his views to a larger crowd.

Rome Arrival

In verses 12-16, Paul finally completes his nautical odyssey and arrives in Rome.

3-Month Hiatus

We learn, in verses 7-11, that everyone from the shipwreck stayed on Malta for three months.

This doesn’t appear to have been a significant hardship, and Paul prayed over all of the sick on the island to ask for their healing.

Everyone ended up better off at the end of the three months than they were at the beginning.

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Meeting Maltans

In verses 1-6, Paul and the other shipwreck survivors meet the natives.

Because it’s cold and wet, everyone pitches together to build a fire.

Paul gets bitten by a local viper, very poisonous.

Since he doesn’t die, he’ll called a god.

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Outline of Acts 28

1) On the island of Malta
2) Travel to Rome
3) Paul preaches the gospel

Centurion Rescue

In verses 39-44, the centurion on board prevents soldiers from killing all of the prisoners on board.

Instead, everyone swam or grabbed floating bits of wood to get to shore.

Even though the ship was destroyed, everyone escaped safely, just like Paul said.

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