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Don’t Stress About Position

In verses 17-24, Paul comforts people in low position and warns people in high position.

We’re all equal in Jesus’ eyes.

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Paul Suggests Staying Single

In verses 6-16, Paul suggests that people stay single like he is. Then he dispenses advice to the married and soon-to-be-married.

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In verses 2-5, Paul suggests that husbands and wives come together regularly.

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In verse 1, Paul refers to a letter from the Corinthians.

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Outline of 1 Corinthians 7

  1. Marriage Guidelines
  2. Cultural Labels Aren’t Important
  3. Being Single Is OK
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Avoid Sexual Immorality

In verses 15-20, Paul tells the Corinthian believers to honor God by avoiding sexual sin with prostitutes.

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Honor God with Your Body

Paul tells us, in verses 12-14, that we should honor God with our bodies.

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