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Description of the Tabernacle

in verses 1-5.

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Hebrews 9 Outline

  1. Describing the First Covenant
  2. Explaining the New Covenant
  3. Comparing and Contrasting the Covenants
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Better Covenant

In verses 6-13, the author explains how the new promise of Jesus relates to the old.

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More Than a Shadow

In verses 1-5, we read that Jesus is the ultimate high priest, not limited by earthly parameters.

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Hebrews 8 Concept

Platonic thinking,¬†“a copy and shadow of what is in heaven.”

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Jesus, Perfect High Priest

In verses 23-28, we read that Jesus is our perfect high priest forever.

Categories: Hebrews, jesus, priest

Better Guarantee

In verses 17-22, the author explains that Jesus is a better guarantee before God.

Categories: Hebrews, jesus
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