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North of Hope by Shannon Huffman Polson

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Alaskan Wilderness. Beauty. The horror of a fatal bear attack, the first few words of the Anchorage Daily News article here.

Hatred. Healing. Hope.

You have to pick up this book. It will be difficult to put down.

Read about one woman’s quest to retrace her father’s final steps.

There are no simple answers. Pain is messy.

I recommend this book to you even if you don’t usually enjoy memoirs. This one is different.

Disclaimer: The publisher provided a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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Verses 10-12

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So leaders, kings, and judges,
be wise, and be warned.
There is only one God, the Eternal;
worship Him with respect and awe;
take delight in Him and tremble.
Bow down before God’s son.
If you don’t, you will face His anger and retribution,
And you won’t stand a chance.
For it doesn’t take long to kindle royal wrath,

But blessings await all who trust in Him.
They will find God a gentle refuge (The Voice).


Praying for Jack as he will be baptized during the service tomorrow morning!

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