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Judas Makes a Deal

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This daily pattern continued as they came closer to the holiday of Unleavened Bread, also known as the Passover.

Jesus teaches of judgment to come and the destruction of the temple. All things move toward a collision of ideas and faith at the most important feast of the year.

The chief priests and religious scholars continued looking for a way to kill Jesus; they hadn’t been able to act yet due to their fear of the people’s reaction. At this point, Satan entered into one of the twelve, Judas (also called Iscariot).Judas set up a private meeting with the chief priests and the captains of the temple police to discuss a plan for betraying Jesus and putting Him in their hands. This was just the kind of break they had been waiting for, so they were thrilled and agreed to a handsome payment. Everything was settled, and Judas simply waited for the right moment, when the crowds weren’t around, to betray Jesus into their custody (vv. 1-6, The Voice).

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Getting Things Done by David Allen

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Getting Things Done is a fantastic read. I highly recommend it!
The most important lesson I took from this book is that everything belongs on a list.
Once you get tasks out of your head and onto paper you can stop worrying about them and start doing them.
The author calls this clearing your mental RAM and having a mind like water.
Another important skill is creating a single In basket for all tasks.
Sure, some things are more important than others. But how can you achieve world peace when you haven’t done the grocery shopping or changed the oil in your car?
Finally, it’s important to do what you can when you’re surrounded by the materials you need. It doesn’t do you any good to remember you need tuna packed in water when you’re at the car wash.
And if you’re experiencing low energy, do something simple like replying to a couple of quick emails.
This book has revolutionized my workflow and brought me a level of peace I didn’t know was possible when balancing so many different roles.
I give GTD my highest recommendation!
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