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Reign of Error by Diane Ravitch

School reformers, particularly the bullies, will hate this book.

In it, Ravitch absolutely skewers the current infatuation with school closings and privatization.

It’s a stupid approach because students benefit from stable schools with caring, experienced educators.

Our country’s rapid-fire, inconsistent approach to school improvement is based on a business model which is appropriate for commodities, not human beings.

Would you regularly test your spouse’s loyalty and threaten them with divorce if they didn’t show continuous improvement?

Would you assess your children’s ability to follow directions and put them up for adoption if they didn’t pull their weight?

Then why would you support the insane school reforms encouraged by the US Department of Education?

Education is an incremental, loving, emotional journey, not purely an intellectual one.

The reformers send their own children to stable, test-free, accountability-free schools.

Why subject the rest of us to something different?

I give this book my highest recommendation.

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