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Four Tongue Proverbs

January 22, 2014 Leave a comment
  1. Proverbs 6:17
    Eyes that look down on others, a tongue that can’t be trusted, hands that shed innocent blood,

  2. Proverbs 10:31
    Wisdom flows from the mouths of those who do right, but tongues that twist the truth will be cut out.

  3. Proverbs 25:15
    Patience can soften up a leader, and a tender tongue can break even bone.

  4. Proverbs 25:23
    Acts of kindness, especially when we know they are undeserved, awaken a slumbering conscience, stimulate sorrow, and perhaps even effect a change. They are the best ways to turn an enemy into a friend. As surely as a north wind drives the rain before it, a backbiting tongue brings angry looks.
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