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David Says Thank You to the Lord

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David: Who am I, O Eternal Lord, and what is my family that You have raised me so high? You have spoken of this as though it were a tiny thing, simple, O Eternal Lord. You have also talked about the future of Your servant’s family and kingdom, a great future stretching off into the distance. This, O Eternal Lord, is Your instruction for humanity. What can I say to You? You know Your servant inside and out, O Eternal Lord. Because You promised it and it pleased You, You have made these amazing things happen, so that Your servant might know You are behind it. So You are great, O Eternal Lord. No one else like You exists, and there is no god greater than You, as we should know from everything we have heard.

And who is like Your people, Israel? Is there another nation on the earth where God went to redeem them from Egypt and to distinguish Himself with awe-inspiring deeds of power by driving other nations and their false gods out of their path? You chose to take Israel as Your people perpetually; and You, Eternal One, chose to be their God.

So yes, Eternal God, take the words You have spoken about me, Your servant, and my family and kingdom, and make them true perpetually. Do what You have promised.Then Your name will be revered forever in the words, “The Eternal One, the Commander of heavenly armies, is the God over Israel,” and the dynasty of Your servant David will be established before You. For You, O Eternal God, the Commander of heavenly armies, the God of Israel, have shown me what You intend, saying, “I will establish your dynasty,” and that is why I have found the courage to pray this prayer in Your presence. O Eternal Lord, You are the True God, and Your words are always true, and You have made this good promise to me, Your servant. So may it please You tocontinue to bless me, my family, and my kingdom so that my dynasty may be continually before Your sight. For You, O Eternal Lord, have spoken; and with Your blessing, my descendants and kingdom will always be blessed (vv. 18b-29).

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