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Jeremiah 50:2

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Babylon is a dominant world power in Jeremiah’s time that God uses to accomplish His purposes. The prophet says that even Babylon will answer to God. East of Chaldea, the Persian Empire will take over the region and conquer Babylon. This time the Persian King Cyrus will be used by God to alter the course of events. Jeremiah now conveys his firm belief that it is the God of Israel—not kings and their armies—who shapes history. He delivers a strong message from God concerning Babylon (who oversteps her bounds in the treatment of Judah and the other nations). Intermixed is Jeremiah’s message of hope for those in exile. One day, the people of Judah will return home from Babylon. Those who make the journey will find that God never stops loving them, even as He disciplines them. Eternal One: Tell the nations of the world; announce it to them all. Raise a flag—get their attention—tell them! Hold nothing back; tell them, “Babylon has fallen; Bel has been put to shame: Marduk has been shattered. Her images are disgraced; There’s nothing left of Babylon’s idols but broken pieces.”

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