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Why I Will Fight the NYS Budget


It is appropriate that news of New York State’s contentious budget negotiations should be announced on Palm Sunday night.

According to the Bible, Jesus got angry enough to flip tables exactly once.

On the Monday after Palm Sunday.


New York is faced with a budget proposal that throws public school students and teachers under the bus.

Don’t be fooled by the reports of $1.4 (Cuomo) or $1.6 billion (Assembly) in school aide increases. What’s a lousy $200-million among billionaires, anyway?

Parents have been ignored.

Cuomo shows us once again that he can weasel his way past the will of the people.


Despite overwhelming opposition to Cuomo’s education reform agenda, he has convinced the other Two Amigos that the State Assembly and Senate can ignore the wishes of hundreds of thousands of families.

What would Jesus do to politicians who value money over children?

The same thing he did to the money changers 2000 years ago.

Flip some tables and wreak some havoc.


Cuomo, Pearson might be watching us. But people of conscience all over New York are prepared to do what it takes to protect our children.

This fight is not over. You aren’t going to win.

Any assemblyperson or state senator who votes to approve this budget needs to remember that voters in November will not look kindly on anyone who caters to our Governor’s misguided education policies!


Stand up to Governor Narcissist! Say NO! to more money in the moment while harming kids for generations!

Rich parents don’t send kids to schools which require teachers to be evaluated on test scores.

Neither should the kids of our neediest families!

Shame on you, Three Amigos, for bribing us with money.

All New York State students deserve a great education. That’s what New York public schools provide, despite underfunding!



Bring it on. We will remember in November!

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