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Good Friday Reflection X

April 14, 2017 Leave a comment

We’re finally on the road to West Virginia for Easter. I’m blogging from the car. This “personal hotspot” feature is very cool!

I’ve been at BOCES for a year and a half. It’s been a great experience so far.

One big change has been starting work on my doctorate. It’s amazing how quickly the program at UC moves.

We just celebrated Jack’s baptism and my 43rd birthday.

We dropped Debo off with the Sutliffs. He and Indy are going to have a great time!

One learning goal I have before next Good Friday is to select a dissertation topic.

A personal goal I have is to continue participating regularly with the new Rally app. It’s much more fun than the old HealthyBlue system.

A professional goal is to continue to develop stronger relationships across the Wayne-Finger Lakes region. I’m excited to see who joins our staff development team this summer!

I pray that our family continues to grow closer together.

Once I finish my PhD, I will come back to Nine Year Bible and finish the Navigators Bible reading series. I’m getting close to the end and predict I’ll be done in 2020 sometime.

See you again on March 20, 2018!

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