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Good Friday XI

March 20, 2018 Leave a comment

I was so busy with my dissertation that I forgot to post last year.

It was a good year!

I met my learning goal and selected a dissertation topic.

More recently I met the personal goal of using the Rally app. Getting a newer phone which automatically posts walking steps has made the process simple. In fact, despite Amy’s health issues, even she has found Rally useful. We were able to fund 2/3 of Sarah’s new piano with our Rally points!

My professional goal to develop stronger relationships across the Wayne-Finger Lakes region has also been successful. Maybe I’ll eventually join a basketball game or regional breakfast with some of the guys.

It seems like a good thing that I missed last year’s post. Two out of the three goals benefitted from the extra year.

And what a long time between Easters, probably one of the longest spans of my lifetime! [April 19, 2019]

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