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End of 1 Corinthians

I am reminded of Paul’s deep concern for people after reading this letter.

Some of the most beautiful passages in the entire Bible are found in this book. It is poetic and inspiring.

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Corinthian Images


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What Christians Want to Know

about 1 Corinthians here.

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NIV Study Bible Outline Excerpt


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Another Outline of 1 Corinthians

Another Introduction and Outline.

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Overview of 1 Corinthians

An excellent overview of the book can be found here.

Corinth and Thessalonica were influential trading cities. Landing in these ports prevented ships from having to navigate dangerous waters south of Greece.

It seems that many of the NT epistles were urban letters. This is different than the agrarian focus of the OT.

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Paul’s Handwriting

In verses 21-24, Paul shares a blessing and a curse in his own handwriting.

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