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Pharaoh and his household are punished with diseases.

Interesting that Abram gets his way after his dishonesty.

A shrewd adversary is a dangerous person to make your enemy!

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Lying About Sarai

Moses lies to Pharaoh about his wife Sarai, telling him truthfully that she’s his sister instead.


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Old Man

Abram is 75 years old when he leaves his home in Haran to enter Canaan.

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Genesis 12

  1. Abram and Lot and families head to Canaan
  2. Abram and Sarai lie to Pharaoh
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Abraham’s Descendants

In verses 15-24, we read God’s famous promise to Abraham, “I promise that I will give you as many descendants as there are stars in the sky or grains of sand along the seashore” (v. 17).

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What would Isaac do?

Sacrifice himself to his father’s God (verses 9-14).

That’s more faith than I have.

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Deep Faith

In verses 3-8, Abraham says, “The boy and I will go over there and worship, and then we will come back to you.”

When Isaac asks about missing a lamb, Abraham replies, “God himself will provide one.”

Both quotes indicate that despite God’s brutal request, Abraham continues to have faith in God’s goodness.

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