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Agrippa and Bernice’s Entrance

In verses 23-27, Felix welcomes his guests and explains that he needs something to write about the case before sending Paul to the emperor.


Discussing the Case Against Paul

In verses 13-22, Felix and King Agrippa discuss the case.

Politics of Convenience

Felix had the opportunity to release Paul when he was replaced by Porcius Festus, in verse 27.  Unfortunately, he chose not to.

Living with Felix

In verses 22-26, we learn about Felix.

His wife is Jewish. He is more interested in making a profit from Paul’s difficulties.

Not the sort of political official anyone would want to be dependent on.

Outline of Acts 24

  1. Paul’s accusers make their case
  2. Paul delivers his defense
  3. Felix waits for a bribe
  4. Felix leaves Paul in prison
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