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Be very careful always to follow the commandments and teachings of Moses, the Eternal’s servant: love the Eternal your God; walk in His pathways, keep His commandments, be faithful to Him, and serve Him with diligence and devotion.

There, the king and the entire assembly in Jerusalem, people from Benjamin and Judah, stood and renewedIsrael’s covenant with the Eternal, promising to follow His ways, obey His laws with all diligence, and perform the duties of the covenant described in the book. Then all the people in Jerusalem respected their covenant with the True God, the God of their ancestors,

If anyone attempts to change my command or destroy the True God’s temple in Jerusalem, may the God whose reputation lives there destroy that king or nation. I, Darius, command this. May it be done with diligence. (The Voice translation)

Joshua 23:11

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So be very careful to love the Lord your God (NIV).
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Pass the Baton

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Joshua 1 illustrates a model transition in leadership. This is the way it’s done, folks.

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In verses 16-18, the troops pledge their loyalty to Joshua.

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In verses 12-15, Joshua reminds members of the 2 1/2 tribes that they’re committed to fighting alongside their Israelite brothers before settling in their new homeland east of the Jordan River.

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In verses 10-11, Joshua gives his troops three days to prepare for the upcoming battle.

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Joshua’s Pep Talk

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In verses 1-9, we see God repeatedly encourage Joshua to fulfill his mission.

When God is on your side, there’s nothing to stop you.

What seems to be more challenging today is figuring out whose side God is on!


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Outline of Joshua 1

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  1. Joshua replaces Moses as leader of the Israelites
  2. After receiving encouragement from God, Joshua prepares the Israelite men for battle
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History Review: Part IV

Finally, in verses 45-50, Stephen reviews hundreds of years of history, from Joshua to David and Solomon.  He finishes with a quote from Isaiah.

Joshua’s Reminder

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment

In Joshua 22:5, we read that the Israelites are expected to continue walking in the way of Moses.

God expects both obedience and our souls and minds.

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