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Nehemiah’s Character

Nehemiah is an ancient character whose work ethic and service translate easily into today’ world.

He was emotionally vulnerable and honest with the king. As a result, he received royal support to help rebuild Jerusalem’s wall.

He was a shrewd communicator and refused to be pulled into false arguments by his enemies. This allowed the people to focus on fixing their homes.

Finally, Nehemiah had high standards for himself and his followers. He cleaned up the mess left in his hometown. It reminds me of the steps being taken today to clean up the corruption in Albany.

I pray that New York State has leaders who can work as effectively as Nehemiah to clean up our huge messes “in fifty-two days” (Nehemiah 6:15b).


Nehemiah 13

In conclusion, Nehemiah punishes people who choose to disobey the Law of the Lord and reestablishes the Sabbath and purity laws.

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Nehemiah 12

  1. Census of priests and Levites
  2. Dedication of the Wall
  3. Collection for the priests and Levites
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Nehemiah 11

Israel’s leaders held a “Move to Jerusalem” lottery.

People chosen were asked to leave their current homes and move into the city.

The 90% who stayed behind “blessed all those who willingly offered to live in Jerusalem” (v. 2b).

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Nehemiah 10: Response to Entropy

The leaders of the people agree to go back to following the Laws of Moses.

They had neglected these obligations for generations.

Entropy seems to be a natural law among human behavior, not just in nature!

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Nehemiah 9

Ezra leads the residents of Jerusalem in a communal time of confession.

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Nehemiah 8

  1. Ezra reads from the Books of Moses
  2. The people celebrate the Festival of Booths
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