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Ouline of Matthew 21

  1. Palm Sunday and Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
  2. Jesus Clears the Temple
  3. The Chief Priests and Scribes Criticize Jesus’ Miracles
  4. Next Day, Jesus Curses a Fig Tree
  5. Jesus Tells Some Parables
  6. The Chief Priests and Pharisees Get Ticked Off

Outline of Matthew 20

  1. The Parable Of The Generous Boss
  2. Jesus Predicts His Death And Resurrection
  3. A Mother’s Bold Request
  4. An Angry Response
  5. Jesus Heals Again
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Outline of Matthew 18

  1. Who is the greatest?
  2. Love the little children
  3. Cut off bad body parts
  4. Saving the one sheep
  5. Church sins
  6. Parable of the awful servant
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Outline of Matthew 17

  1. The Transfiguration
  2. Healing a Boy
  3. Jesus Predicts His Death
  4. Paying a Tax
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Outline of Matthew 16

  1. Leaders ask Jesus for a sign
  2. Disciples forget bread
  3. Peter’s declaration
  4. Get behind me, Satan!
  5. Take up your cross
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Outline of Matthew 7

  1. Judge cautiously
  2. Pearls before swine
  3. Just ask, seek, knock
  4. Narrow gate
  5. False prophets
  6. Wise and foolish men
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Outline of Matthew 4

  1. Jesus Is Tempted
  2. Jesus Begins Public Ministry
  3. Jesus Recruits Disciples
  4. Jesus Teaches Throughout Galilee
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