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Recap of Galatians 5

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment

You’re free.  But not free to sin.  So live out the fruit of the Spirit, not the acts of the sinful nature.

Living By the Spirit

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment
  1. Jesus was crucified
  2. Some people choose to belong to Jesus
  3. These same people have “crucified” the sinful nature
  4. The sinful nature is made up of passions and desires
  5. Does this mean that all passions and desires are part of the sinful nature?
  6. That can’t be right
  7. Some passions and desires are godly
  8. People who have chosen to follow Jesus live by the Spirit
  9. Paul adds that these people should keep in step with the Spirit
  10. This means that a person can follow Jesus but still get out of step with the Spirit
  11. It requires constant effort and monitoring to stay in step with the Spirit
  12. Our natural tendency is to get out of step
  13. “Spiritual entropy” could be called a natural law of the soul
  14. Don’t become conceited
  15. It’s easy to get arrogant when doing the right thing
  16. Don’t provoke one another
  17. Don’t envy one another
  18. These are three more examples of how people follow Jesus but get out of step with the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Paul lists nine behaviors which indicate that a person is following the Spirit and not the sinful nature.

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Live By the Spirit

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

In verses 16-18, Paul explains that people who are “led by the Spirit” are “not under law.”

  1. Paul tells his readers to live by the Spirit
  2. Living by the Spirit is important
  3. As a result, we will leave some desires unsatisfied
  4. Having desires is natural
  5. Some desires are inherently wrong
  6. The sinful nature opposes the Spirit
  7. The Spirit opposes the sinful nature
  8. Logically, this creates a biconditional
  9. The sinful nature and Spirit are mutually exclusive
  10. What desires fall outside these two opposing forces?
  11. Even when we want to follow the Spirit, we sometimes do what the sinful nature desires
  12. There is an internal battle, kind of like those cartoons with the angel and devil characters on each shoulder
  13. I used to think the concept illustrated by this kind of cartoon was entirely unbiblical
  14. But it’s very similar to what Paul describes in these verses
  15. If you are led by the Spirit, then you are not under law
  16. I wonder what this means.
  17. The contrapositive of this statement is: If you are under law, then you are not led by the Spirit.
  18. This means that asking people to follow the Spirit is logically equivalent to telling people that they’re under law
  19. This seems to be a stumbling block
  20. If you don’t see yourself as shackled by the law, then it’s hard to see the need for living by the Spirit
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