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The Name: Word of God

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

In Revelation 19:13, Jesus is named Word of God.

But the phrase “word of God” almost exclusively refers to the message and teaching recorded in the Bible.

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Born Again through the word of God

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

In 1 Peter 1:23, we read that being born again is a result of the word of God.

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Active, Alive Word

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

In Hebrews 4:12, we read that the word of God is active and alive.  It “judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

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Not a Human Word

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

In 1 Thessalonians 2:13, Paul writes that he thanks God for their willingness to receive the word of God.

He emphasizes that the word of God is not a human creation.

Paul’s Sacrifice for the word of God

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Now I rejoice in what I am suffering for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.  I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness—the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the Lord’s people (Colossians 1:24-26, NIV).

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Sword of the Spirit

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The sword of the spirit is the word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

Spread of the “word of God”

January 9, 2011 Leave a comment

In Acts 12, King Herod actively persecutes Christians.  Toward the end of the chapter, we learn that when his followers called him a god and he didn’t correct them, Herod was struck with sickness and death.

Verse 24 says, “But the word of God continued to spread and flourish,” despite Herod’s best efforts.

“The word of God” appears to be synonymous with the message that Peter has been preaching.

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