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Idiot’s Guide to NYS Evaluation

60% local measures

spend more time making yourself look like a great teacher; this will take away time from actually teaching

20% growth

  1. don’t teach grades 4-8 math or ELA
  2. pound the crud out of your classes in September with an impossibly difficult pretest
  3. create as easy a post-test as you can get away with, so almost all of your students demonstrate improvement
  4. your SLOs will demonstrate almost miraculous growth, like when Education Commissioners retire

20% achievement

  1. reuse your easy post-test if almost every student can pass it, or
  2. create a separate, even easier rubric-based project that every student can pass
  3. it’ll be everyone’s personal “safe harbor”

By following the lead of our State Education Department, over 98% of non-grades 3-8 math and ELA teachers will continue to earn passing marks on annual evaluations.

Governor Cuomo’s new technology bureaucracy will love tracking all of this objective, entirely rational and realistic learning data.

Unfortunately, New York’s performance on the NAEP will not improve.


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