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Luke 16: Bible Panorama Commentary

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Luke 16

V 1–12: LEARNING FROM LIFEJesus illustrates from the dishonest actions of a poor and self-seeking steward, not in order to counsel dishonesty, of course, but to point out that Christians should deal as shrewdly in God-honouring ways, as ungodly people deal selfishly for their own ends. The man discounts the debts of his master’s debtors, in order to have their support, in case he is dismissed and without money. His actions increase his master’s cash flow, by getting the money in. His master commends his shrewdness, but not his integrity! V 13: SERVING WITH SINGLENESS The option is clear: we either serve God or we serve Mammon. (Mammon stands for money and materialism.) V 14–15: CONDEMNED BY COMPARISONJesus applies the teaching to the Pharisees who love money and deride Christ. He reminds them that God knows and sees the abominable state of their hearts. V 16–18: LASTING THROUGH LIFE Jesus teaches that not the smallest part of the law of God will ever fail. It will outlast creation itself. Taking the principle of permanence, He goes on to remind them of the permanence of marriage. Marriage, like all of God’s moral law, is for the whole of life. V 19–31: EXAMPLES FOR ETERNITY Jesus describes the great gulf fixed between the man who is separate from God after death and the man who is with God after death. He refers to two men with different eternities to experience. Lazarus is the saved beggar and the other is the lost rich man. The lost man’s fervency for warning others not to neglect their salvation is only greater in the case of Jesus, Himself, and of Paul. Jesus teaches that even if someone rises from the dead, people will not be convinced if they refuse to accept the Scriptures. How true that is today!

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