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James’ Summary

In verses 13-21, James summarizes the case for simplifying the requirements for Gentiles to join the church.


Peter’s Vision Review

In verses 7-11, Peter again tells about his vision of the sheet with the unclean animals.

This is more evidence that the early believers should make it easier for Gentiles to join the church.

Preaching to the Gentiles

In verses 44-48, we read that many Gentiles are encouraged and become Christians as a result of Paul’s teaching.

Paul responds to the criticisms of the Jews in town by taking his message to a more receptive audience.

Outline of Acts 13

  1. Barnabas and Saul are commissioned from a group of  faithful missionaries
  2. Travels around the region
  3. Elymas goes blind
  4. Sergius Paulus believes
  5. More travel
  6. Paul teaches in the synagogue
  7. Paul teaches in the synagogue again and gets opposed
  8. Paul takes the good news to the Gentiles


In verses 19-20, we read that some of the Christians limited their outreach to Jews, while others shared the Good News with Gentiles as well.

Peter Faces His Critics

In Acts 11:1-18, Peter faces and answers the charge that he shouldn’t have been eating with non-Jews.

A vision from God seems to do the trick for his critics, who back right off.

Salvation for All

In verses 44-48, we read that the Holy Spirit is poured out on Gentile believers.  This is a huge deal!

Now anyone can experience the gift of God’s Spirit, not just the Jews.

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