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Word Study: Honesty

The word honesty appears in the NIV 3 times.

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Word Study: Humility

The word humility appears in the NIV 15 times.

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Word Study: Good Works

These two words appear together in the NIV Bible four times.

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Word Study: Discipline and Diligence

The word discipline appears in The Voice version 55 times.

Diligence appears only 3 times.

2-Week Word Study: Satan

The word “Satan” appears in the NIV 47 times.

2-Week Word Study: Sin

The word “sin” appears in the NIV in 430 different verses: link.

The plural form “sins” appears 271 times: link.

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Five Weeks

I’m scheduled for an interesting 5 weeks of word studies:

  • repentance (1 week)
  • sin (2 weeks)
  • Satan (2 weeks)

I wonder why one week is devoted to a positive action, followed by 4 weeks of negativity. Guess the bad is more interesting than the good in this case?

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