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Recap of Galatians 1

Paul chastises the Galatians for being swayed by false teaching.

He reminds them of his credentials.


Review of Galatians

Paul is very frustrated with misinformation which has infiltrated the Galatian church.

He combats these errors with this letter.


In verse 17, Paul reminds the Galatians that he’s suffered for Jesus’ name.

Finally, in verse 18, Paul writes a blessing on the church.


Paul reminds the Galatians, in verses 11-16, that it’s what is on the inside that counts, not outward appearances.

Just Do Good

In verses 7-10, Paul encourages the Galatians simply to do good.

He acknowledges that this can be tiring.

But it is worth it!

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Hey, Teach’!

Paul tells the Galatians, in verse 6,¬†that when they grow spiritually, it’s important that they tell their spritual leaders.

This benefits both student and teacher!

Surprising Pride

In verse 3-5, Paul writes not that we should avoid pride, but that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others.

This is really surprising at first glance.

But as I reflect upon this further, I must admit it’s very rare that I¬†evaluate my own actions and see nothing but excellence and pure motives.

So if I can self-reflect upon my actions and feel proud, then this is a very positive thing!

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