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Apostle Lotto

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

In verses 23-26, we meet Joseph and Matthias, both qualified candidates to take over for Judas.

The believers pray and then essentially flip a coin to pick the new #12.

Who uses chance to pick between two equally valid choices today?

Outline of Acts 1

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment
  1. Jesus’ final days on earth
    1. Wait in Jesusalem
    2. You’ll get the Holy Spirit
    3. Not time to restore Israel’s kingdom yet
    4. Great Commission: Recap
    5. Return to heaven
  2. Peter takes charge
    1. The 11 Apostles, women and Jesus’ biological family meet in prayer
    2. Peter explains Judas Iscariot’s actions through the Old Testament
    3. Peter explains that Judas’ position should be filled by another qualified person
    4. They nominate two people and cast lots to select Matthias
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